Frequently Asked Questions

Your stainless steel balustrading can be cleaned with any commercial stainless steel cleaner or methylated spirits on a soft cloth.

On satin stainless steel, scratches can be removed by using a scotch pad and rubbing it with the grain.

On round stainless steel, going with the grain means rubbing around the tube.

On square stainless steel, rub lengthwise along the tube.

Slight discolourisation is normal for stainless steel products when exposed to the elements.

It is called tea-patterning and it can be removed with any stainless steel cleaner.

Around coastal areas, stainless steel reacts with the salty air and must be cleaned more often.

Glass Panel balustrading is cleaned exactly the same as you would clean any other glass in your house.

The glass we use is toughened and complies with Australian Building Codes.

After some time, wires can become loose due to heat (expansion/shrinking) or from children stepping directly on the wires.

The wires can be tightened by hand.

First you  must undo the two nuts which are on both sides of the bottle screw.

Next tighten the bottle screw by turning it clockwise. When you feel that it can’t go anymore and the wire is taut, return the nuts to their original position to hold the bottle screw in place.

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